The company R-B-G was founded in year 2006 in Torun in order to produce comfortable, beautiful and practical garments for bigger women in size 44 to 52. In many countries is is already a common knowledge that the most women are not models that wear size 36 or 38, but in Poland it is still a problem for a normal build person to buy something of a good quality and fashionable for a reasonable price. Therefore R-B-G is a trend setter on this market. On the other hand Poland as an emerging market is still filled with mass production from the lower segment. The only alternative are really expensive garments. The offer of R-B-G is palced as middle priced - high quality products produced in a short to very short series in order to stay individual and highly fashionable. The quality is based on all german, polish, and world standards, and this in production and used matherials.

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