born in Lublin in southern Poland, spend her youth in Torun, in northern Poland, where she got her education and made the first career steps, went to Paderborn, Germany for a couple of years, to come back to her polish roots in the year 2006. In this year she started her own company under the label "R-B-G" producing skirts for "not so skinny" women - size 44 to 52, mainly for polish and german market.

Renata was interested in fashion and fine arts all her life. In her youth the shops in Poland were practically empty, so she had to use all her creativity to be able to cretate interesting things to wear - for herself, her friends, and, later on, for her customers. On such a way her passion became her profession. She became familiar with all stages of fashion design and production, but her main speciality was always to create the right style for the individual person - with all possible ressources.

Currently Renata works as an independent fashion designer and stylist and she owns a small company producing skirts for big and beatiful women. She also continues "dressing up" individual customers.

She was chosen as The Best Designer of Lower Silesia, was twice chosen as a finalist of the "Silver Ose" in Poznan and once at the "Selfware" competition in Gratz. She had shown her collection on the fashion shows in Leipzig, Poznan and Katowice.

You can buy her collections in Poland and Germany under the label "R-B-G".